Continuous technical progress means that increasingly higher demands are placed on individual products. Vullings is able to assist you throughout the entire process with specific products, processes or services. We are active in various sectors and for each of these, we are able to show you a number of projects we have worked on – and worked on with passion.


Automotive klein


When people think of work for the automotive industry they usually think of large quantities,...

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Voedingsmiddelenindustrie klein

The food industry

The food we consume every day is processed and packaged using many machines and appliances....

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Machinebouw technology-114192_1280

Machine construction

A world without machines is inconceivable. Machines take care of a range of tasks including the...

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Medische wereld klein

The medical world

If hygiene is one of the most important criteria, there's a good chance you're talking about the...

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Defensie klein


The most common types of steel are not always sufficiently strong or robust for use in the...

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Agrarisch tractor-387275__180

Agricultural industry

The vehicles and machines produced for the agricultural industry require strong components at...

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Aerospace aircraft-475409_1280


In aviation, weight – or lack of it – Is the most important issue. This is not only...

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Some of our projects cannot be placed in a specific category, but are so unique that they...

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