ISO certification obtained

June 15, 2017

We are proud to inform you that Vullings B.V. has obtained its ISO certificate. In order to achieve and streamline the ISO certification, Vullings set up, among others, a quality assurance department that has been manned by our quality engineer Tom Wilms since August 2016.

The certification was achieved in the space of a mere 9 months. "This was possible because many procedures needed for ISO certification had already been implemented in the daily activities at Vullings. We were already working in compliance with various clients' certificates as well," says John Hermans. 'That's why the past few months were all about documenting and fine-tuning." This ISO certification is an important step towards a successful future, as Hermans explains: "We noticed that clients are increasingly asking for ISO certificates. Now that we have obtained it, clients no longer need to audit us, which saves us and the client a lot of time! We've also noticed that the ISO certificate has produced an increase in new orders. In short, a very positive development," Hermans concludes.  

ISO 9001 certificaat

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