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June 15, 2017

The use of robotics for production can lead to an improvement in returns, results and advantages with regard to work and safety regulations. Vullings has developed a special technique in-house that enables coordination between machine, robot and the product to be processed/moved. A unique technique that is ready for the market after various internal and external trials. All this is obviously done in accordance with the methods characteristic of Vullings: we aim to unburden you from beginning to end! 

RobotVullings Metaalbewerking has been using robots in its machining production for about a decade. The coordination between the machine, the robot and the component or material to be machined was developed entirely in-house at Vullings. What is special about this robot cell is that the product, the machine and the robot gripper can be changed without manual input, meaning that several different products can be manufactured in a single cycle with no manual labour required.

Complete automation

Project robotiseringscelToday we work with four robotic colleagues, to our complete satisfaction, and are installing a fifth colleague in a production cell as we speak. This has also generated much interest from our clients to start integrating such production cells into their production. It has also led to the installation of the first robotics projects to the full satisfaction of both parties. It doesn't necessarily need to be the first automation in a production line; it could also be a part that was (previously) thought to be difficult to automate due to the diversity or complexity of the required activity.

We are convinced that the use of robotics offers many opportunities, because (complete) automation of production can lead to:

  • Improved returns, as machines can be used, for example, 24/7.
  • Improved results, due to increased quality thanks to the consistency of the actions performed by robotics.

Automation also offers many advantages in the area of work and safety regulations. Good examples are the complete automation of processes in cooled spaces, moving heavy objects, or activities that must be performed at night.

Peace of mind

Our sister company Vullings Systems is ready to start applying this developed technique more broadly, maybe even for your company. Obviously we aim to do so in accordance with the methods characteristic of Vullings: we take care of everything from start to finish.

  • We deliver the complete package, entirely custom made for your situation;
  • We install and test at Vullings' premises, before delivering the robotised cell to your production environment, ready to 'plug and play'.
  • Your employees will be given training and advice on how to work with the robot;
  • Your robot is ready for production immediately upon delivery!
  • And last but not least, the ensemble comes with a CE certificate.


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